the boys

Thank you forever to my favorite boys in the world, those who make up the band of Coldplay–regardless of the atrocities that occur each and every day, “we live in a beautiful world.”

I hadn’t forgotten about this, but after a lot of things have been up & down for a few months, it’s always the best reminder to love and appreciate where we stand. To remember that all of our hardships and successes have brought us to the very place we are at today is a blessing in itself. I am so so happy of where I am today because I am filled with a sense of wonder, excitement, and a head full of dreams with what lies ahead for me. It’s quite amazing the impact of what a few short weeks with no school has had on my mind. Sure, I’ve probably slept way too much and haven’t done squat, but I’ve been given a huge breather to think–about me, about my dreams, and so many things that aren’t social worky. With all this thinking, I’ve considered doing the many things I said I wanted to do when “I was older,” but I realize that these dreams don’t run on a schedule…there’s never the “perfect” moment to start on something, you just have to do it. Plus, as much as I don’t want to admit it, I AM getting older day by day.

A lot of these dreams are ones that I’ve had for over a decade, while others have just been created in these past few weeks. I never want to look back on my life and wish I had done things differently. I want to be able to smile, satisfied with the fact that at least I tried. That will always be enough.

…Always with these deep, emotional epiphanies at 3 in the morning…some things will just never change, but I am just the happiest with these thoughts, and Coldplay, and dreaming about all the good things that are ahead. So, yay me 😀 It’s probably taken me my entire lifetime to say all of this with all the confidence in the world and that, is one of my greatest successes


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