I long…

I long for a loved soul I don’t know.

I long for the recognition that comes with feelings that are only brought out with particular songs and melodies, or piano keys that play tunes I only imagine another nonexistent era.

I long for a softness of light to come and embrace my thoughts, my mind, my hands, my heart.

I long for an embrace that I do not know when I will recieve.

I long for talents that are not mine, such as that of instruments plucked to strike passionate notes, the fluidity and grace that comes with the body in dance, the easiness that speaking can be for some–in public, with confidence and strength or in the privacy of a few where freestyle poems and lyrics take advent in the moment; there are so many others and though I have a longing for these, I know I have my own unique gifts and for them I am thankful.

I long to be in places I have never breathed in, and yet I get this strange feeling that I would be able to fit right in.

I long for epiphany walks out in the pouring rain.

I long for the moment I can share a cup of coffee with a beloved who will enjoy it just as much as me.

I long for those brief moments of clarity, where the world grows quiet in the wee hours of the night, and I am able to capture where it is my soul desires to go.


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