24 Hours after Portland

First full day being back from Portland and it feels like it was all a short, beautiful whirlwind of events panning out to all the feelings and thoughts I needed to experience. I have never felt so much at home in a place I wasn’t even in for a full 2 days. I loved all of its beauty–its architectural features (like its multitude of bridges and those 100+ year old houses), the many many coffeeshops that lined its streets, how narrow the streets are and how sometimes you need to park a block away from your house–but truly, I loved the people the most. Blakeley has such a wonderful group of people surrounding him and I’m not saying I don’t, but I guess I don’t remember ever feeling so comfortable around people in such little time. There was this instant sense of welcoming and now sometimes I think that it could have also been that tranquil weather that made me feel so much at home.

I find that possibly due to my upbringing and variety of experiences, I don’t usually connotate the idea of “home” to a physical place but rather, the people, feelings, and experiences I encounter wherever I am. Maybe that is what makes me more adaptable to my surroundings…?

Erin just told me 30 minutes ago how they thought that my “energy was off” today. I asked what they meant by that.

I don’t know, just seems like you don’t have your usual amount of energy as you do….is everything okay?”

Sweet Erin! I told them that maybe it was since I went to Portland over the weekend and have never felt this utter sense of peace and tranquility.

“So it’s been kinda difficult getting back?”

A bit,”  I answered, “It’s just that everyone there seems so ‘zen’ and maybe I am still stuck in that mindset.”

Maybe that’s what it is–maybe for a brevity, I mellowed out because I was surrounded by pretty mellow people and I keep thinking to how much I enjoyed every part of my trip. I mean, I couldn’t stop smiling whenever I was on the plane. I felt so much in sol little time and that’s exactly what I wanted to happen. To feel, to see whether my heart was capable of feeling other things that I haven’t been in touch with, greatly caused by a daily routine that inhibits me from tapping into that.


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