Small Portland Moments

small Portland moments

  1. Little wonders on the plane
  2. This man sat in my same row on my last flight. I get the feeling he might have bought out the middle seat just so he could have that extra bit of leg room, I don’t know. Or maybe we both got lucky. Anyways, he was a super professional man reading the NY Times, checking up on his email, and setting reminders on his phone to send congratulatory messages to his workers for what they had achieved…I feel like not a lot of people take time to do that nowadays and so, that made me real happy. –
    He asked me if Portland was home for me, but I said it wasn’t, just visiting a friend! So, he proceeded to ask where home was for me. I told him I was in school to get my masters in Social work at NC State and he smiled and said, “Wow. It takes a very special person to do that kind of work–special humane skills. I am so glad you are using your gifts to follow this path.” 😭😍 #peopleofportland
  3. I had been looking forward to going to Powell’s Books just for this purchase
  4. Can you believe it?! My first EVER donut eating virginity was taken by the Tiramisu donut from Blue Star!! Pretty happy this was my first experience eating a donut in a place that feels far too home-y for only 41ish hours 😊
  5. Portland’s 28th Apple Tasting Festival
  6. 🍎🍎Apple tasting about 50-60 different kinds of apples! And to think that in the grocery stores you see MAYBE 6ish different varieties?! Some were absolutely delicious while others were eh. Rainy rainy lovely day!
  7. All these red leaves were on the ground and he immediately said, “INSTA!!” Though it isn’t the best quality, it works for me. Here is my dear Portland host and good friend, Blakeley kicking some leaves up in the air to make for a candid Instagram moment. Haha, love.
  8. I love flying because it reminds me of how small our world is. When I am that high above the ground, where our society looks like nothing but little boxes, it makes me contemplate more about my life–what I truly want, who I am and who I can become without all the fears and insecurities that hold me back.
    I love these kinds of humbling experiences that make my heart soar with this deep and innate understanding of what it means to be alive and the desire to live life happily and simply.

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