Daughter, my saving grace


Weekend throwback to this past Saturday’s concert with Daughter. Pictured here, the group is playing “Amsterdam,”the song that forever changed my life.

 🎶By the morning I will have grown back🎶

I cannot even express what Daughter’s music means to me. And Elena, it’s quite alright you all aren’t a very talkative band ☺️ your songs capture so much more depth than what any conversation could even begin to express.

Months before (in November) I honestly thought I’d have most of my homework done to be able to just enjoy and relax at the concert. Ha. I was wrong with the homework part. Still enjoyed myself 😊

And you know, I think that’s just what life has taught me. There’s always going to be stuff we need to do and confront regardless of our desire to do so (like homework, but I also graduate in a month so the struggle is even more real). Somehow life does go on and with just another that day that passes, you realize you were able to overcome yesterday’s challenges…and the weeks and the months and the years pass and again you realize, “I overcame all of that” [whatever those challenges might have been]. That’s pretty empowering to say the least and I think the smallest of victories count.

I may be extremely burned out and feel like my anxiety has elevated to levels I never ever want to be constant in my life, but…I have to believe it’s momentary. But while it is a momentary struggle, there is so much other goodness going on around us. Just need to remember to pause and embrace the opportunities and moments brought forth to us ❤️ But now, to fully just crush on Daughter–I love them, obviously. The trio somehow create this unique, holistic ‘person’ and it was beautiful to witness such fluidity and communication, even when Elena would shyly apologize to the crowd for not being more talkative. I love your awkward quirks and your sad songs that have been a playlist to my life in the last year. I love that your songs aren’t about just one thing (like breakups) but can encompass so many life experiences that offer similar emotions of sadness, loss, and disappointment from those we’ve loved. What you create is just another example of how connected we are as people–we all feel, we all bleed, we all go through the same emotions, regardless of how we express them. And I think that’s kind of beautiful ❤️#veryearlyreflections


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