Batman, small talk, & cows

I honestly feel like the following photos are a momentary explanation to my life as-is.

Last 2 weeks of grad school had me like that above…wanting to ignore absolutely all responsibilities other than feeding myself and changing my pump sites.

This is what the moment feels like most. There are so many unknowns in my life at this point and it feels like I’m walking into this darkness without any idea of whether I’m going to be led into this cliff and plummet to my death (yes, being dramatic) or whether or not everyone surrounding me is right–that yes, I’ll find a job and be able to provide for myself because someone will want to hire me because I am talented, hardworking, and ambitious. A lot of the times it’s just hard to tell myself I’m all those things and more.

I seem to expect too much from people, but I’m really just interested in knowing what makes you (anybody) happy and passionate about life. I don’t give a shit about the weather or sports. 

🐄❤️ I will do this if and when I decide that I want to date. We’ll see if he runs away. If he does, good. If he doesn’t, even better 😂 he’s a keeper!


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