A Chile, mierda!

  In RDU, awaiting to board our plane to Atlanta.
  The excitement!!!  She’s a cutie when she’s asleep 🙂
  Some little details at the Atlanta airport.
  We ‘almost’ didn’t make it for our international flight. We had maybe 20-25 minutes to get to our terminal, which of course, was the furthest away from where our plane had arrived. But here we are seated, happy to have just a two-seater for ourselves!  Truly, not an adequate representation of the beautiful morning sky as we were making our way into Chile.
  I tried getting the sunrise but it was on the other side of plane. I miserably failed.
  …And now on Chilean soil ❤ 🙂  This is my youngest second cousin, Nicholas. I’m terrible with small children because I don’t know how to talk to them when I I have an old lady soul. But, sitting down at his eye level, all he did was show me his big brother’s and his toys. Here’s this sweet little three-year-old showing me how his Transformers shoot their ammo and he even let me color in one of his coloring books ❤
    Leaving Santiago and heading to Requegua
  Three of the four lady Zuñiga cousins–just missing our sweet baby, Cata.  This is the  Chilean highway.
  My momma is cuter than yours.  Heading towards Temuco from Requegua (approximately 6 hour drive)
  Puente Malleco.   Finally in Temuco, the birthplace of my Momma
    Piñiones–Momma is one happy lady.
  Porotos granados made by my Momma  Our new found little coffee shop at the corner by the clinic.
  Little motivational quotes inside Fënn. Momma shyly hiding how much she’s enjoying her kuchen (it’s like pie, but totally not pie)


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