Picture Perfect

Sometimes I become a little bit obsessed with what people post on their Instagram feeds and blogs. They have been able to capture beautiful images that are small collections of their lives, promoting the most intimate simplicity & beauty that surrounds them. But I know that this is not the entirety of their lives–these images only suggest a piece of what their lives contains. 

It makes me wish that I could be able to capture these same pictures as well–to have an inspiring Instagram feed that is linked to my blog, which would include entries on self love, food, health, my art and reflections. I also wish I had the money, tech-savyness, and creative juices time to write/create all the things I want. How I just wish I could be more conscious of the images I take and make them tell a story [or parts of my story], but not become obsessed and a perfectionist when it comes to one image?
I shouldn’t wish these things as if I’m uncapable of achieving them…

I took photography in high school. I can always take some courses at a community college to learn Photoshop. 

I can make time to write about my life and all the small moments I don’t mind sharing with the world–ranging from my diabetes, health, food, self love, and anything else that abstractly fits within those themes. 

I can take honest, candid photos [with my super cool new phone camera–I held onto my IPhone 5C for 3.5 years!] and get decent shots to upload on a blog post…while I don’t obsess with creating the everyday-casual-photo-that-is-obviously-perfectly-posed. 


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