I’ve had this simple thought in my heart for a very long time…I think even when I was in a relationship 😬 (that should have been a big red ass flag warning…🚫)

The truth is that I have never been the girl, even when I was younger, to dream up a “perfect wedding day.” Right now, I can’t even imagine myself having any kind of strong feelings towards a guy–the idea of holding hands or just “dating” (whatever that means today) makes me laugh a lot; the idea of love has made me cynical even though from time to time I’ll cry my heart out after watching a tragic love story. 

So, to begin wondering of what details I’d ever even put forth in a wedding is simply weird to me 🙁

I’ve dreamed of so many other things to do, not how my life could turn out to be with one person. ((I know that a lot of people hope to find their life partner one day, but I’m so against that idea right now for MYSELF)). 

Before anyone gets offended about that, I will mention that I have plenty of friends from all walks of life that are engaged, married, recently got married, or already forming families. I am happy for them of making that choice because I know that is what makes THEM happy. 

All I really have to say is that I don’t see that kind of decision coming up for me at all soon. Quite honestly, it terrifies me. I detest settling, I have become cynical towards love, I have massive trust issues, and I have yet to truly find that manly-quirky soul that drives me absolutely cray-cray. Just give me the time and space to become my best self and if he comes along, great. If not, great. I’ll keep living a happy life anyway ✌🏼️


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