catching up

Like usual, there has been so much that has happened since the last time I sat down to write.

Momma and I have a home right off the highway, as I had hoped.

Momma got a new car that takes her places and no longer breaks down.

I have come to live in a state of two dreams: I am a barista in a non-profit world. My latte art is moody taking a form of its own, but it mostly consists of thick, milky blobs. I do have decently good days too. Also yes, I am a full-time employee for one of the largest Hispanic, grassroots organizations in the state of North Carolina. F*ck yes, macro social work.

I have health insurance, which means I can continue to live and buy insulin.

Thanks to my really good credit, I was able to buy us some *brand new* couches for our apartment. This was something we never thought we’d be able to do.

I have been carefully guided down the mysterious strolls of life to end up very loved in another coffeeshop, Reed’s Coffee & Art Bistro. To these lovely people, I have sold my first custom print (with their logo) so it can serve as a coloring page for all to enjoy during their visits to the shop. In time, they are wanting to hold an art showing for me to share my work.

In my own little coffeeshop, The Blend & Co, we have already begun selling “barista art.” Which means, tonight I am actually matting and framing some copies of my work so it can be displayed in the shop’s retail section. And who knows what may come of this? 🙂 It’s a pretty exciting time to get this out.

I am single af and the universe reminds me ever so gently, but I have come to really embrace it lovingly. Burlington is no place [in my opinion] to find that love, and if it is, I am obviously oblivious. But it is okay [there’s no one to chase!] so I will wait.

I have become so much more present; so much more aware of the simple joys that fill me with utmost happiness:

my new reservoir of insulin, leveling my mood swings almost immediately; my pre-sunrise drives to Carrboro; my strict 9:30PM  bedtime; an Italian-styled cappuccino;  my homemade quiche with kale, bacon, and mushrooms; just plain kale salad; Spotify’s 3 month $0.99 deal; my barista babe family; my crazy, dance-obsessed work family; the sweet, respectable compliments made to me by my workers…

There is truly so much to be grateful for and this year, despite all the shit that has occurred [personally and politically], I am thankful for all that happened in the order it has.


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