Today, I did probably the craziest thing I have done in my life. For most, this is just an insignificant and belittling rebellious act. However, for me this was such a huge act of faith and absolute carelessness in the world… well, maybe not so careless because I took great detail into finding the best option, but I just gave no more fucks.

I have bought my ticket to Dallas for a week, while not having resigned from my first job as of yet.


Yes, it is crazy and probably irresponsible to do such a thing, but my soul and my heart were pushing me to take that action. I could no longer wait to hear back on my boss [after negligently not answering at a timely manner and ignoring my messages] and I could no longer wait for those prices to keep going up; and worst, the idea of not being able to see him, my love.

He and I were talking back-and-forth throughout this whole morning: sending each other pictures of other flight options, thinking on how we’re going to go about this, how he doesn’t care of needing to drop me off at the airport at 6:30 in the morning, if that means staying with me another day… The beauty of all of this is that it’s OFFICIAL. He and I are going to see one another after only three months of having just met one another… It is a crazy thing to do but I have absolutely no regrets for the decision that I have made. My friend Antonio told me that resigning is inevitable and I believe it with all of my heart. I have done everything in my power to do things correctly and following a protocol so, I will meet with my HR director as soon as he tells me he can, I will talk to him about everything that has happened and occurred and I will give him my resignation letter. Or, I may just directly go to his office 🙂

Once I resign, I believe my soul, my mind, and my whole essence will be liberated of this negativity and this job and it’s unrealistic expectations where I will finally be free to have the headspace to look for a different path to follow. And of course, I will be with the love of my life, the person who brings me absolute happiness even if he is over 1000 miles away.

Yes, it is crazy but I would rather live my life shredding all fears and limitations, than to be held back never knowing what could have been.


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