Self-Love Playlist

We all have those songs that make us all happy and fuzzy inside, I’m sure. I have a few songs that really FILL my soul with happiness–it’s not always the lyrics that get me (sometimes that can be the case), but it’s usually how the music makes me feel. I realize that it’s those feelings that are so difficult to explain, other than a sense of fulfillment and in a way, sense of understanding we receive through music that to me, makes it a more valuable experience. Some of these have helped me throughout my roughest moments post-break-up, but they make me happy regardless 🙂

Of course, there’s also just some songs that would make the hopeless romantic in me melt if someone ever dedicated these first 3 to me. I’d be yours instantly:

Yes, I do have green eyes and I will want this song played in my wedding one day.

And this one is for when someone really fucks up and… it’s just beautiful. Plus, I never want a diamond engagement ring or “a delicate string of pearls” because those things don’t measure love. At least, I don’t think so.

aka Bon Iver. This version is slower and so much more emotional. That’s what I want, a HIGHER love.

Take away all the “lovey-dovey-ness” lyrics and I just want to go to a rave, dance like a lunatic, like all YOLO and shit.  I don’t ever say that.

La Blogotheque  makes amazing rustic music videos. Their voices are seriously from the gods. Reminds me of my beautiful, mountainous college town and how sometimes, you just can’t care. Shit will happen regardless, but so will amazing things.

Somehow, it reminds me of the moments I had when I was traveling cross-country to the 4 corners and I swore to myself that I would leave all of my pain and sorrow in those canyons. It’s eerie and entrancing, a beautiful reminder of what once overtook all of my thoughts//I’m the fury in your head, I’m the fury in your bed, I’m the ghost in the back of your head//

Because it was killing me. Abuse is abuse, regardless of how it’s done and there’s probably no one who sings it more gracefully than this lovely.

From my favorite movie ever. Makes me feel like my soul truly belongs in a small, chic French town and makes me believe that my dreams will soar up and up. It all makes me feel unstoppable and filled with this boundless joy, like Amelie in the scene where this song is played.

A mashup of my two favorite songs EVER.

The hopelessness and the fervor at which he says, “I want to be the man who loves you.” ❤

I like this version better and I start fist bumping in my car when the chorus comes up. Plus, I wish I had the older dude’s dance moves.

In my months of anger, I listened to this song a lot. It’s with this song that I finally realized that I truly wanted to be alone. Ha.

I think part of my soul resides within the fictional adventures of this dude.  He goes wherever the wind takes him. He embodies amor fati–“love of fate” or “love of one’s fate”

The strings

Because this is what I heard endlessly as I worked on my final research assignments. Has this trance-like effect on me and kept me focused. I bopped my head like a lunatic plenty of times at the coffeeshops to this song, especially at the 3:02 mark.


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